Our men's leather sandals are your ticket to warm-weather bliss. Made with high-quality top-layer leather, these sandals offer one-side bar and 3-point adjustability for a snug fit, and a neoprene lining for extra comfort. We've got a trick up our sleeve: FLUIDFORM™ construction. It's like magic, fusing premium leather or bottom-layer leather uppers to the flexible sole, creating a one-piece slide that's soft and responsive. The PU midsole and adjustable straps make these sneakers for men your perfect summer companion. At the end of the day, it's all about effortless style and superior comfort. Step into the warm-weather months with confidence, one comfortable step at a time, with these slip-on shoes for men.

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ECCO men's cozmo 2 leather sandals

ECCO men's cozmo 2 leather sandals

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