ECCO Supply Chain Disclosure

ECCO supports, respects, and takes a proactive approach to protecting internationally defined human rights throughout our supply chain.

We require our suppliers as well as customers to comply with the ECCO Code of Conduct, which includes principles to ensure that all behave in a correct and decent manner with regards to employee relations including working hours, health and safety, salary, and training.

ECCO is a guest in each of the countries we operate and as such we respect the local culture whilst complying with the local legislation and demanding the same of our business partners.

To ensure that enforced labor (human trafficking and slavery) does not occur by our suppliers ECCO does the following:

Requiring business partners to comply with the ECCO Code of Conduct, non-compliance may result in termination of the supplier agreement and/or other consequences.

Internally monitoring our suppliers to evaluate and address the risk of enforced labor (human trafficking and slavery).

Internally conducting audits of suppliers to secure compliance with the ECCO Code of Conduct which is supplemented by external audits performed at ECCO units by recognized auditors in their field.

Securing that employees are familiar with and adhere by the ECCO Code of Conduct also in relation with suppliers

Operate with standards and procedures for employees and suppliers failing to meet the requirements of the ECCO Code of Conduct including that of enforced labor of any kind.