Meet The Pastranas

What makes a family? Hanging out, doing what you love best. Featuring Travis Pastranas, Lyn-z, and their daughters Addy and Bristol.

What is a modern family to you?

A modern family to me is a very fun and different mix of people. It's not just your standard mom, dad, and kids anymore.

What makes Pastranaland special?

Pastranaland used to be a place where the world's best did the craziest stuff ever on action sports, and it's turned into a modern family playground.

What does Pastranaland look like?

Popsicles, trampoline, what else? Crazy cards? Crazy cars. Scooters, foam pit, rock climbing wall. What else? It’s better with popsicles!

How would you describe a typical Sunday at home?

A Sunday when Travis is out of town consists of couch, mellow, movies, cats, dogs. Very mellow. A Sunday when Travis is home is busy. We're swimming, tubing, jumping, running, climbing.

What do you think are the most important qualities that you could give to your daughters?

For me, the most important qualities are letting them chase their own passion. Passion is what defines success.

What do you hope your daughters will take with them when they go out?

Probably the biggest thing that I hope they take from being raised by us is to continue their passion. When you lose it, find another one.

“If I have a day off, I do exactly what I do every day for a living. I wanna do it with my family, though. ”

Travis Pastrana

What should your kids avoid?

Always wear close-toed shoes and a helmet if you're on something with wheels. Avoid doing dumb things without being safe about it.

What makes a family?

Love and support, fun and laughter, crazy stuff, and respect. And not whining. Respect and not whining are at the top.

Travis Pastrana and Family

Travis Pastrana is a well-known figure in the world of action sports, celebrated for his daring stunts and accomplishments in various extreme sports. His career spans motocross, rally racing, and stunt performances. Travis is recognized for his commitment and energy in pushing the boundaries of what's possible in action sports. Additionally, he has a close-knit family that has been a crucial part of his journey, providing support as he pursues his adventurous endeavors.

His wife Lyn-Z is a prominent figure in the world of skateboarding and action sports. Her career is marked by groundbreaking achievements, a passion for skating, and an unyielding dedication to her craft. She is married to Travis Pastrana and they have two daughters, Addie and Bristol.


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