When the time has come to suit up, it can be very helpful to know what shoes to wear. Your choice can depend on several factors; style, colour, and occasion. Do you want to look at the very best version of yourself with a nice suit? Then continue reading as we give you helpful tips to style your suits with shoes.

Learn how to identify the different styles

The first thing, you should know about, is the different types of shoes that can match your suit. We bring you some of the most common types of shoes to mix with the suit of your choice.

How to dress for success with the right shoes

For a black-tie event, only the finest shoes are enough if you want to properly dress for the occasion. It is time to bring out your best leather shoes or perhaps patent leather shoes for a shiny look. For this type of event, Oxford or Derby shoes are the ideal pick, but brogue shoes are another great option for achieving a well-thought-out business look.

Don’t forget to clean and polish your shoes beforehand to really shine like a star.

How to make sneakers work with a suit

Nowadays wearing a suit follows much more loose rules than before. There are plenty of ways to dress a suit up or down whether it is an everyday style or you are bringing your A-game for a special occasion.

One simple and stylish way to make the suit a more casual attire is to switch out the dress shoes with a pair of cool yet elegant sneakers or our hybrid shoes. Combining a suit with a basic white t-shirt and white sneakers is a great and simple option for a modern and smart look.


Learn how to match the right colours

If you are wearing a belt or a watch with a leather rim, it is important to pick the same colour as your shoes. This especially goes for black and brown. Stick to one single colour. If you want to go the extra mile, also match the colour of your shoes with your leather gloves and briefcase.

Want to know how to properly pair the right shoe colour with the right suit? Whenever you own a suit in black, navy, brown, grey or a completely different colour, there are some essential tips to know.

For the navy suit

Picking a navy suit for job interviews is a smart choice. Not only is it easy to pair with shoes in various colours like black, brown or burgundy, but the colour also symbolises trust.

For the grey suit

Grey suits are very versatile and you can pair them with particularly any shoe colour. Black is always an option if you are sticking to classic colours. Different shades of brown will also work well. You might want to bring out warmer colours as grey can be rather cold. Burgundy will be a great choice for adding warmth.

For the black suit

You are most likely going to stick with neutral colours for this occasion. Black is always a safe and classical option, the big differences are in the small details. For black suits, your best bet is to stick to black shoes. For some, parring black suits and brown shoes is a no go, but the option is there and it can still look stylish.

Are you ready to take on the world in a suit? You can find the right business shoe for you right below.