ECCO Women's Gel Insole This product is currently Out of Stock
ECCO Women's Gel Insole
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ECCO Women's Gel Insole

This product is currently Out of Stock
Only a few pairs left in this size. Order soon.
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Designed to provide targeted cushioning and to relieve pressure on the ball of your foot, this gel half insole absorbs shock and helps to avoid the burning pain associated with wearing high heels all day. Washable and reusable, use it with shoes or sandals.

  • Comfortable gel half insoles for high-heeled shoes and sandals
  • Targeted cushioning to reduce pressure on the ball of the foot and prevent tired, burning feet
  • Constructed from a special gel material that is washable
  • Self-adhesive for easy use and can be removed and reused
  • Retains adhesive ability even after washing
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ECCO Accessories Ltd.
Rothusstrasse 15,CH-6331 Hünenberg ZG, Switzerland
ECCO Distribution Center Tønder
Skovænget 20 6270 Tønder
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Name: ECCO Shoes India Private Limited
Address: Turf Estate No. 315
Shakti Mills Lane, Mahalaxmi
Mumbai 400 011
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Shoe related accessories
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